NSS Regular programme Report

        ihrd    This is the report of NSS regular activity of 2015-16 college of applied science Thamarasseery . In our NSS  unit have 110 volunteers, which include 60 first years and 50  second years volunteer. These are the following activities done in the year 2015-16.

C R P Training    25-02-2015

             First year NSS volunteers are given CRP training by Second year NSS volunteers on 25/02/2015.This programme was inaugurated by college  principal Radika K M. The main objective of this programme is that the students are given the basic lessons of first aid.   

Cleaning Campus   01-08-15

              We conducted campus cleaning programme on 01/11/2015.160 volunteers are participated in this programme.Volunteers cleaned the entire campus by picking up plastic waste.             

Independence day celebration 15-08-2015

              The independence day calibration  was started with the flag hosting by asst principal Vinod sir at 9 o clock. Then we conducted quiz competition on Indian freedom movement.

Cleaning Programme 21-08-15

            We conducted a college cleaning programme on 05/11/15 related to the Onam calibration. All NSS volunteers are participated for that.                                               

Vazhathottam   26/08/205

              Our NSS unit has started a vazhathottam plant. This programme objected to create an interest towards agriculture and farming in the minds of the students .This programme was inaugurated by Sri Muhammed agricultural officer Narikkini.We planted 30 vazha  plede

 campaign inagruation 12-10-15

              The cleaning campaign inauguration was conducted in GMUP School Pallipuram by Omi Jafer, the PTA president of the school. To the object of this campaign, ensure that all the gvt institution become very clean and cute in Thamarassery  Panchayath.

Cleaning Kedevoor village office 13-10-2015

              On the part of cleaning campaign NSS unit was conducted cleaning programme in Kedevoor village office. The all second year nss volunteers are participated this programme.

 Anti Drugs campaign inauguration      11-10-2015

             Our NSS units was conducted a anti- drugs campaign programme. This programme inaugurated by K V Muhammed  Grama Panchayath president Thamatrassery. Anti-drugs class conducted by Sri Sreekumar sir DYSP Thamarassery. The students are given awareness about consequences of drugs usage in our village.

Campus Cleaning 10-10-2015

             We conducted a campus cleaning programme under the title of “ Cleaning Campaign”. In this programme 122 volunteers are participated. All the volunteers are collected maximum number of plastic waste materials

Cute Campus  31-10-2015

            We are organized a Cute Campus  programme on 31-10-2015. 60 students are participated in this programme. The volunteers made a bamboo fence around the campus.

Children’s day Celebration 14-11-2015

            We are celebrated Children’s Day with Anganavadi in Aadivasi Colony, Chamal on 14-11-2015. There are 60 volunteers participated in this programme. This program aimed at the importance of affection and love towards children.

Sashajeevikalodoth ST colony survey 15-11-2015

            This is the one of our highlighting programme of our NSS volunteers. In which they made a survey of Adivaasi colony disease and problems of the tribe. The survey report was submitted to the Grama panchayath, kattippara. The survey was by using special questionnaire prepared by the NSS volunteers. 110 volunteers are participated in this programme.

Plastic Collection   28-11-2015

             Our NSS unit collect all plastic materials from our college campus on 28-11-2015. There are 60 volunteers are participated in this programme. And this plastic waste is sent to the thamarassery panchayath waste bin.

Aids Day           01-12-2015

                Our NSS unit had organized an Aids day programme on 01-12-2016. A marathon was conducted from college campus to Thachanpoyil . This programme was inaugurated by Zaid Zainul Abideen Thangal, All Kerala Drugs and Pharmacy Association Director. 110 volunteers are participated in the programme. Students prepared some placards and  Banners.                                  

Human right day Celebration  10-12-2015

                NSS unit of College of Applied Science has observed  Human right day Celebration on 10-12-2015. 60 Volunteers had participated in the programme. This programme was flag off by the college principal Radhika KM. We conducted a Seminar on “ Human Rights in India” at the college Auditorium.

Krishipaadam          15-01-2016

                 Our NSS unit had organized an agricultural awrenness programme - “Krishipaadam” at College Auditaurium on 15-01-2016. This programme was inaugurated by Agricultural officer Mr. Sahadevan and the class conducted by the Asst agricultural officer Mr. muhammed. 60 Volunteers had participated in the programme.

Republic day Celebration     26-01-2016

                  Our NSS unit had celebrated  India’s republic day on 26-01-2016. The flag off event was done by The college Principal Radhika KM at 8.30 morning. 60 volunteers had participated in the Programme.

Blood Donation Camp          08-02-2016

                   Our NSS unit had organized Blood donation Camp with the Chavara Hospital , Thamarassery.  52 students are donated blood in the Camp. Students are given a special Awareness programme on the importance of Donating Blood.                       

Sneha Theeram      07-02-2016

                    All the NSS volunteers of College of Applied Since had done a one day service to the old age people in Koyilandi  as Sneha Theeram Programme on 07-02-2016. All the volunteers became aware of the  love and affection which they had to give to the old aged people. This was the one of the great experience for the volunteers. This programme was inaugurated by the Minister MK Muneer.

Oru Vidyarthikkoru Pachakkari                 10-02-2016

                    Our NSS unit had organized a Vegetable plant as the title “Oru Vidyarthikkoru Pachakkari”  . In our plant , We had planted Tomatoes, Bringers, Chilies, Water Melon, Kumbalam , Ladies Finger etc. All volunteers are participated once in a week for the cultivation of the plant.  Student reaped the ripped vegetables .

Vazhathottam    27-02-2016

                    Our NSS unit made a “Vazhathottam” an agricultural project in the college campus on 27-02-2016. 60 Volunteers had participated in the project.

 Women’s empowerment Programme.               04-03-2016

                    NSS unit of Our college had organized an Empowerment programme for women in the college. All the girls Volunteers of NSS had participated in the programme. The programme was inaugurated by the DYSP Sreekumar Sir and the class conducted by Advocate Bilkees Banu. This was the one of the glad programme of our unit.

Defence to Girls                     05—03-2016

                      All girls volunteer of our NSS unit were given a one day defense programme in which the students are introduced the basic lessons of Defense steps. 60 volunteers are participated in this programme. This defense class was given by the lady constable Mrs. Mallika , thamarassery police station.

Sampoornna Pipe-composting  ward                   12-03-2016

                    This is the one of the glamorous programme of our NSS unit. Our main goal is that to establish a complete pipe compost unit in each houses in the 17th ward , thamarassery grama panchayath. We conducted a survey for this purpose. 110 volunteers are participated in this survey. The survey was inaugurated by Zaid Zainul abideen Thangal , Member of The adopted village , thamarassery Grama panchayath

Clean Village                      13-03-2015

                      Our NSS unit had organized a complete cleaning programme named Clean Village on 13-03-2016. The Volunteers had cleaned Korangad Town by picking up all the plastic bags and waste materials. 60 volunteers had participated in the cleaning programme.

Vazhathottam Cultivation            18-03-2016

                       Our NSS vazhathottam plant was cultivated by the NSS volunteers on 18-03-2016. Volunteers had nurtured and watered the plant . All volunteers had participated once in a week in the cultivation programme.

 Cute campus            27 -03-2016

                          We are organized a Cute Campus programme on 27 -03-2016. 60 students are participated in this programme. The volunteers had cleaned the campus surroundings.

NSS Scholarship       28-03-2016

                           NSS unit had organized a programme of Award in the Student who had earned maximum score in the first semester internal examination . 60 volunteers had participated in this programme. College Principal inaugurated the function by Giving award to the Student.

Special Camp Report

Ilahiyya Arts and science college-koyilandy

First day

On December 19 ,2015, at Ilahiya arts and science college, koyilandy, our seven day  special camp commenced with the registration at 2.30 pm. We had an amazing ice breaking session by Mr. Asif A.P. followed by this. At 7 pm, the inaugural ceremony was held. The honourable Panchayat President did the inauguration. An informative session on “Prakruthi Jeevanam” by Mr. Ramakrishnan Kidavu was followed by the inauguration.

Second day

On 20th, starting with the Yoga at 6am, followed by the breakfast at 7 am, we went for the community programme. As planned earlier, our volunteers prepared the field for cultivation of vegetable crops. We did this for the Kudumbhashree unit in the locality. After the lunch, we had a very interesting motivative session by Prof. V.G. Prashanth, SNDP college, Koyilandy. After the tea break at 4 pm, a workshop on Drama was handled by Mr. Sivadasan Poyilkavu. An interactive session namely “Kanakkile Kalikal” was conducted as night session, followed by dinner and camp evaluation.

Third day

On 21 st, as usual we started the day with yoga session, followed by the breakfast and then we went for the community programme i.e. preparing the field for Kudumbhasree unit for their cultivation purpose. Following the lunch, we had an energetic session by Mr.Abdul Salam on “Group Dynamism”. Following the tea and prayer time, was the interactive and thoughtful session by Mr. Shamil Ponoor. The day ended with dinner and camp evaluation

Fourt h day

Starting with the yoga followed by the breakfast, on 22nd our volunteers seemed very enthusiastic to go for that day’s community programme i.e. making a road.afternoon session was quite informative and was presented by Mr.K.T Shankaran Master ,namely “Krishipaadam”. Night session was energetic and fun filled. We had a debate for two hours followed by dinner, culturals and camp evaluation.

Fifth Day

Starting with yoga, followed by breakfast, on 23rd we cleaned the surroundings of the college where we were camping. After the lunch we had a very valuable informative session by Mr. Rajeevan Mallissery, syndicate member,Calicut university. In the night there was an awareness workshop on Palliative care. Day ended with camp evaluation. 

Sixth Day

On 24th we started with yoga followed by the breakfast. We were able to give ourselves and our volunteers a lifetime experience. In collaboration with Pain and Palliative Care unit in koyilandy area a programme called “Snehasangamam” was arranged for all kinds of patients who were under deep trouble. Our volunteers cared them the most ;and the organisers and patients were equally satisfied and found happy because of our sevice. Night session was exclusively for celebration followed by cultural programmes. Day as usual ended with camp evaluate

 Seventh Day

On 25 the after the yoga and breakfast ,we went for the “Snehasangamam” which was held at Govt. school, Poyilkavu. This was a full day programme till 5pm. Night session was fun filled and enjoyable. Each of the volunteers evaluated the seven day camp in every sense.



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